FRI 4/21

Smoke Break LA
Club Pro LA
8pm - 11pm (ALSO SAT/SUN 12pm - 6pm)
Smoke Break is a pleasurable fair experience— we work with independent publishers and artists to create an intimate reading and collecting experience that is balanced with programming that highlights the community of our host city. Smoke Break LA's exhibitors include A.R.M., BBQLA, Cash Machine, FOUNDATIONS, Hamburger Eyes, Hesse Press, L.A.C.A., Natural, not a cult., Sming Sming Books, Rock Bottom Press TUNICA, and Windy Noche Used Art Books. By featuring a limited number of exhibitors, we hope to make each publication feel appreciated, as well as encourage visitors to slow down, take a break, and enjoy what we each have to offer.

Indecent Exposure
Human Resources
8pm - 11:59pm (Different events nightly)
Indecent Exposure is a retrospective of Margie Schnibbe’s sexually explicit videos and includes over twenty years of work. Paying homage to Cinemaland, the building’s previous tenants, the main gallery is utilized as a casual movie theater, with a ninety-nine minute video program projected as a continuous loop. The seating arrangements are comfortable and migratory; viewers are encouraged to sit close together or far apart, to mingle, to come and go as they please. The upstairs galleries are spaces for invited artists to create intimate performances that encourage participation. The lobby operates as a bar and gift shop. The exhibition is organized by John E. Kush, and will be open nightly.

Perpetual Dawn/Intersessions Planned Parenthood Benefit Party!
8pm - 3am
$5 before 9pm / $10 before 10pm / $15 before 11pm / $20 after
Tropic of Cancer, Nite Jewel-DJ,Josh Peace,Maria Minerva,Kid606 & more! Jewel’s Room: Tropic of Cancer -Live (Ghostly International/Blackest Ever Black) Nite Jewel-DJ (Gloriette/Secretly Canadian) High-Functioning Flesh-Live (DAIS) Pete Swanson-DJ (Root strata/Type) Angela Seo-Live (Xiu Xiu) Vicente Sanfuentes (Surtek, Original Hamster) Dahlia (Perpetual Dawn) Alex Pasternak (Lemonade) Lauren Bousfield-Live (Vale) Hosted by Derek Marshall from The Party by Ostbahnhof, Berlin Noise room: Super Special Secret Headliner! (Massive Label that We Can’t Say) Maria Minerva-Live (100% Silk) Kid606, Eric Parren (Perpetual Dawn) Zøraya & Aura T-09 (Dublab/Phuture Perfect) $3.33 (Dublab) Glitzer (K-Chung) Tavern room Hosted by Intersessions: Josh Peace (MUSTACHE MONDAYS) Habibiboi Tahl K (Everything but ecstacy) SHA SHA KIMBO (cybersonikla) Helikonia (Intersessions) Yala (A/S/L & Intersessions) MsPennyLane (Intersessions). To Celebrate Planned Parenthood and pledge our continued support for their much needed work, Perpetual Dawn are joining forces with Intersessions. Intersessions arose from the need to address the significant sex and gender imbalance in the music industry, offering DJ and other sound workshops for women, queer folks, and people of color. They are a non profit who bring together members of the community with professional artists/performers who give them access to equipment and mentorship.

SAT 4/22

The Moving Mountain Presents: Luck Of Lucks
Machine Project
8pm - 10pm
$5 / $10
Machine Project Mystery Theater brings you The Moving Mountain: Luck of Lucks, a performance-based project created by artist Rachel Mason for fiction, science, and autobiographical stories. Ganymede suddenly remembers being lost. He looks down. Something is causing his vessel to rattle. Its the movement of his brightest star, Sadalsuud, Luck of Lucks! Beta Aquarius! As he stares at this joyful, delirious creature, Ganymede becomes enraptured. He wants to find this heavenly being. He leaves his perch from the sky and falls to the earth with a thud.

Clipping., Jpegmafia, Miguel Mendez and more
The Smell
8pm - 11pm
Deathbomb Arc Showcase...Clipping. JPEGMAFIA (Bmore), They Hate Change (FL), Miguel Mendez (NYC), Lana Del Rabies (AZ)

SUN 4/23

CalArts MFA Open Studios
CalArts MFA Studios
1pm - 6pm
The MFA Open Studio will feature exhibited works, performances, and workshops with MFA students from the programs of Art, Art & Technology, Photography & Media, and Graphic Design, who will share insights into their work and current art practices. During the MFA Open Studio event, CalArts’ on-campus movie theatre, the Bijou, will screen film and video work by MFA art students who incorporate film into their art. Performance art will also be presented in the John Baldessari Studio Classroom.