Messy Audio Machines
Women's Center For Creative Work
7:30pm - 9:30pm
Messy Audio Machines is an exploration of gender, race, and sexuality of historical and contemporary electronic music as seen in disco, techno, house, hip hop, and experimental music. We will use various audio machines like the synthesizer, drum machine, and sampler as locations of such inquiry. Starting from modern mechanical and engineering advances in sound, we will peel back the layers upon layers of social and cultural meaning. This exercise seeks to reveal some of the the contested meaning-making processes and rituals electronic musicians (and their listeners) engage in.


Skill Share: DIY Shows & Archives
Armory Center For The Arts (organized by Side Street Projects)
2pm - 4:30pm
How to throw a DIY show in 10 steps with Chicas Rockeras S.E.L.A: From finding a space, getting bands, and other logistics to consider when booking a show. Participants will feel empower to throw their own show or event. Ephemeral Spaces: DIY Archives 101 with Simone Fujita & Kelly Besser: Discussion of DIY spaces and DIY archiving. Presentation on basic tips for archival preservation.

Russell E.L. Butler, Profligate, Worker/Parasite, Strangeland
Coaxial Arts 9pm - 1am
RUSSELL E.L. BUTLER (Opal Tapes, CGI Records). PROFLIGATE (Unknown Precept, DKA Records) WORKER/PARASITE (Opal Tapes, Night Gaunt Recordings) //WILLIAM STRANGELAND (Fatt Grabbers) Visuals by Amanda Siegel. Night Gaunt Djs between, before, and after sets

Lights Down Low LA: Featuring Project Pablo
Location To Be Announced (RSVP required)
11pm - 6am
Project Pablo (1080p • Spring Theory) (thee) Mike B (Made To Play) Zernell (Grimy Edits | Crate Diggers) Corey Sizemore (Lights Down Low) Chelsea Morrisey


Dinner Party Politics: Food Culture in the Eastern Bloc
The Wende Museum of the Cold War, Culver City
3pm - 5pm
Food is a powerful medium that can carry both personal and political meaning. We have strong emotional connections to the things we eat, which are tied to memory, heritage, and tradition. Food also plays a part in constructing national identities and expressing societal values. Through a survey of fine art, posters, menus, and films, Dinner Party Politics: Food Culture in the Eastern Bloc examines the ideological goals, gender roles, and individual desires expressed by the production and consumption of food in socialist countries during the Cold War. Light refreshment will be served. NOTE: Please RSVP to