FRI 8/18

Jesse Kenas Collins Presents
Coaxial Arts
8pm - 11pm
Jesse Kenas Collins Solo performance for accordion reeds and computer fans with feedback system and prepared loose speakers. Erin Demastis & Samantha Calvetti Microphone 2: A expansion of a previous piece entitled Microphone 1 which involved a microphone app on the iPhone 6 that feeds back when opened and multiple jars of varying sizes. Microphone 2 will also involve iPhones and jars in addition to found objects and tools that are amplified with contact mics, and a trio of slinkies attached to PVC that are amplified with dynamic mics. Thomas Sturm & Samantha Calvetti “A Session with the Phonetiphone” is a musical game for the “Phonetiphone,” an electronic instrument that uses the performer’s mouth as a resonator. It was invented by Samantha Calvetti and Thomas Sturm. To be performed as a quartet by Jesse, Erin, Joshua and Thomas. Joshua Wasterman Presenting "No Area", a performance environment sustaining instrument or voice, electric megaphone, FM transmitter and radios.

SAT 8/19

The Alt-Right Isn't Alright to Los Angeles
1600 Ocean Front Walk, Venice
11am - 3pm
We have sent a strong message to those who would promote hate and disrespect for women and racial minorites: Los Angeles is not receptive to your message of hate. They have canceled or postponed their protest of Google. We, however, will be continuing with our rally in support of diversity and in opposition to their bigotry!Join us at The Venice boardwalk (1600 OFW near Windward Ave). While we are mourning Charlottesville, let us remember that America -- a country built on the backs of Black slaves -- has a long history of white supremacist violence -- including a significant uptick in hate crimes this year. We will mourn the victims of white supremacy and celebrate those who have fought against it.

SUPERFLEX: Flooded McDonald's
Hammer Museum
11am - 5pm (opens today. continues through Oct 15)
Flooded McDonald’s is the second film by the artist collective SUPERFLEX. In the video, a life-size replica of the interior of a McDonald’s restaurant slowly floods with water until it is completely submerged and destroyed. Based in Denmark, Sweden, and Brazil, the members of SUPERFLEX consider their works "tools" for investigating systems of power, globalization, and the role of the artist in contemporary society. Flooded McDonald’s poses questions about consumer culture and the fast food industry while reveling in the pleasure of destroying a global capitalist icon.

Echo Park Film Center
Film screening: Thus A Noise Speaks (38 min). At 23 years of age, while at home for summer vacation, Kacchi finally confesses her belonging to the sexual minority to her parents. They reject the confession, however, and its memory begins to fade away, as if it never existed. Hoping for her parents’ understanding, and with a little taste for revenge, she decides to make a film of her confession with her family. In the space between documentary and fiction, swaying between reality and drama, where will it lead the performers? Toward A Common Tenderness (work in progress, 63 min). In between Japan and Bosnia Herzegovina, a filmmaker embarks on a physical and spiritual journey to understand her daily life in a foreign land and how it affected her thoughts on filmmaking. Weaving her unused personal footages shot between 2013 and 2016, this film seeks for a possible connection between her current life of filmmaking in Bosnia and her past experience through filmmaking towards her family in Japan. Toward A Common Tenderness presents the filmmaker’s search and struggles to find humanity in filmmaking.

SUN 8/20

Performance: Corazón del espantapájaros (Heart of the Scarecrow)
LACMA (Cantor Sculpture Garden)
4pm - 5pm
Guatemalan artist Naufus Ramírez-Figueroa’s participation in A Universal History of Infamy is an installation and a performance titled El Corazón del espantapájaros (Heart of the Scarecrow), after a play by Guatemalan playwright Hugo Carrillo. The costumes and props used in the performance are part of the installation, which is activated by five L.A.-based performers working under the direction of the artist. Despite the critical success of the play in the 1960s, a 1975 student production faced brutal repression and censorship, which led to the cancellation of the show and the company’s entire theatrical season. Performers include Nao Bustamante, Sebastian Hernandez, Pedro Jimenez, Marcus Kuiland-Nazario, and Jordan Puryear.

Tokyo Drifter
Genre-smasher, jazz gangster, captain of cool: with Tokyo Drifter, maverick filmmaker Seijun Suzuki hit an avant-garde high that left an indelible mark on movie history. Tetsuya Watari – a then-massively famous Japanese pop star – is a wandering Yakuza on the run from ruthless, warring gangsters. Sounds like a million crime pictures you’ve seen before, but this is Suzuki at the pinnacle of his radical, individualist, genre reinvention. Suzuki uses every trick in the book this side of Godard or Bava – opening in lush black & white before exploding with vibrant neons, epic Spaghetti Western-esque close-ups and saloons, Vincente Minnelli musical numbers – in this veritable feast of stylized pop-art that influenced, among others, Quentin Tarantino, Jim Jarmusch, and Wong Kar-Wai.