Hi, I'm back from Thailand and in this exhibit opening in Bangkok tonight, and the Artopia event (listed below) happening Saturday in LA.😋 Remember, you can always email me tips on events and any other comments. Thanks.

FRI 8/25

Friday Flights: Kenyatta A.C. Hinkle, Psychic Ills, Scott Benzel
The Getty
6pm - 9pm
FREE (parking costs $10 after 3pm)
Kenyatta A.C. Hinkle presents Exploring the Nowannago: Kentifrican Modes of Resistance with Tyler Matthew Oyer. In this provocative performance, Hinkle creates tension with a double-noose tug-of-war, exploring a narrative from a geography called "Kentifrica," an unknown continent and culture that serves as a meditation upon what can and cannot be mapped when dealing with the ramifications of identity. As part of Hinkle's ongoing artistic navigation of the "historical present," this performance is offered as a metaphor for how residue of the past remains chained to today, impacting the treatment of bodies deemed "other." Performed for the first time with live music accompaniment by The Kevin Robinson Ensemble (KREation), Hinkle's performance abstractly confronts a multi-faceted set of contemporary issues from the Black Lives Matters Movement, human trafficking, LGBTQ+ awareness, immigration reform, prison reform, white supremacy, genocide, xenophobia, and more.

SAT 8/26

Nevertheless, We Persist Rally and March
200 N Spring St
1pm - 5pm
Placed on National Equality Day, join us in support of all women, nonbinary babes, immigrants, refugees, POC, and every minority who is persisting through this tough political climate❤️ this march is hosted by project femme, a youth-run organization that aims to uplift the voices of female, nonbinary, and LGBTQ+ youth through training the next generation of progressive community organizers! We are co-hosting this march with Indivisible MARCH Los Angeles and have merged to march together! Both events have the same information and are marching together, so as to maximize our turnout and effectiveness!

Larchmont: The Way Light Moves Through
timed entry 4pm, 5pm, 6pm
We are thrilled to invite you to join us for homeLA's 18th performance event this summer at the home of Alexandra Mathews and Sam Mantell on Saturday August 26th, 2017. Seven artists along with their collaborators will present new site-specific, body-based works for an evening of intimate performance.

Union Station
8pm - 11pm
"LA Weekly’s fifth annual art party, Artopia, is a celebration of the vibrant arts and culture scene in Los Angeles. For the second year in a row, we have enlisted the help of internet radio network and DJ collective dublab to curate the sights and sounds. From performance artists to DJs to filmmakers and dance troupes, an impressive lineup of artists will fill your senses." Check the link for the full listing.

SUN 8/27

Katz's Deli Brunch: Bed & Breakfast
Katz' Deli/3307 W Washington Blvd
12:30pm - 4:30pm
FREE? Donation?
Join us for brunch and discussion with the 2017 Katz's Deli resident, curatorial platform Bed & Breakfast (Jacqueline Falcone and Daniel Arismendys Taveras-Hernandez). For their month-long residency, B&B has constructed a domestic exhibition environment inside of 3307 W Washington Blvd designed to highlight the heart of their program: a bedroom. Visitors book a limited number of “extended viewing hours” from 9pm to the following 10am, during which Falcone and Taveras-Hernandez greet guests with bedtime stories and return in the morning to serve breakfast. This residency also features spontaneous public programs announced via social media. The culminating event is the "Katz’s Deli Brunch" to discuss hosting as an embodied exhibition practice that has the potential for political consequence.

The Femmes Video Art Festival
The Situation Room
8pm - 10pm
The Femmes’ Video Art Festival is curated from an open call for female-identified video artists to submit works made in the last 3 years. The objective of the festival is to explore and celebrate the issues, themes, and artistic styles that are being addressed by female-identified artists today. The themes of the curatorial selections emerge from the submissions. Now in its third year, we are delighted that the Festival features work by artists from all over the globe, artists who are early in their careers, and artists who are established. The Festival was started by Micol Hebron for The Situation Room in 2015.