FRI 12/1

In the Name of My Abuelitas
8pm (also Saturday night)
$5 - 10 donation
A ritual-performance channeling Korean, Mestiza and Indigenous grandmothers to reweave the broken genealogy of The Yin. Yunuen Rhi’s performance is informed by ethnographic field work in local Spanish speaking churches as well as ecclesiastic dialogues and collective actions in honor of Maria Sabina (Mazateca Priestess of the Santos Niños) and persecuted medicine peoples.

Johanna Breiding and John Hulsey: break down, re source
Los Angeles Contemporary Archive
7pm - 10pm
Approached as a dialogue between the artists’ video installation and photograph within the archive/exhibition space, break down, re source presents two research-based practitioners rooted in experimental documentary filmmaking and photography. The two artists investigate possessions of land and its material evidence - markers, language, historical narratives - embedded within their respective spaces of inquiry.The Land Under Iron, 2017The Land Under Iron addresses the enduring legacy of colonialism and settlement in the American West. Borrowing the visual language of highway signs that orient the flow of traffic around road closures and construction zones, these works redirect passersby along an alternate axis of experience — offering a rumination on lines, boundaries, demarcations, and the ways in which systems of enclosure have ramified power from the 16th century to the present. Moving between Downtown Los Angeles, where tower cranes pierce the landscape, and San Pedro’s Fort MacArthur, a retired naval base overlooking the Port of Los Angeles, the project asks the viewer to navigate between two spatial forms etched onto the landscape: the construction zone that prefigures the luxury enclave and portends displacement, and the military fortification that points toward a history of imperial occupation and conquest.

Into The Woods: K-HAND, RHYW
11pm - 6am
The return of the First Lady of Detroit, K-HAND! Plus Cassegrain's Rhyw and residents Mor Elian and Jimmy Maheras. Also celebrating 1 year of Into The Woods :)

SAT 12/2

Patrick Martinez: America is for Dreamers - opening reception
Vincent Price Art Museum
5pm - 7pm
In his first solo museum exhibiton in Los Angeles, America is for Dreamers, artist Patrick Martinez responds to the ever-shifting landscape of the contemporary American built environment, a physical construct that can be understood in relationship to social and political contexts. Martinez uses painting, sculpture, neon and installation to comment on issues affecting communities nationally, while responding to specificities associated with the City of Los Angeles, including its overlapping and intersectional modern hybrid cultural identities. His works often call into question issues of police violence and authoritarianism exercised against youth and communities of color, as well as highlight vernacular language, architecture, and food culture associated with the urban lexicon.

Filmic Trance
Echo Park Film Center
8pm (doors 7:30)
An evening of rare and groundbreaking ethnographic and experimental films that showcase and explore the concept of trance- or semi-conscious states – and their use in religion, healing and artistic expression from the archives of Smokehouse Films. Come out to the Echo Park Film Center and enter a strange and wondrous world of healing ceremonies, ritualized dances, and other trance states from around the world. Curator, John Cannizzaro, has chosen a wide and varied program of films which include; John Marshall’s “N/um Tchai – The Ceremonial Dance of the !Kung Bushmen” (1969), “Pomo Shaman” (1964) a Southwestern Pomo Indian doctor enters a trance and cures a patient with the aid of a spiritual instrument used to suck out the patient’s illness, “Magical Death” (1973)- a Yanomamo shaman enters a trance state to cure as well as to inflict death on enemies that are miles away, and curator John Cannizzaro’s “Trance” (2010) – The filming of an “energy transfer” ceremony and the trance-like state of one of its participants leads to the cine-trance of the filmmaker- captured in Death Valley, CA. Curator and refreshments will be present.

Space Vs. Time: Moving Image Pop-up
8pm - 11pm
MFA and MA students from CSU-Northridge explore the range of possibilities still open to cinema, from experiments in found footage montage to broadcast and virtual reality. These artists have created work unique to their specific practices yet remain rooted in the traditions of avant garde film and expanded cinema.

SUN 12/3

Dark Ambient Sound Bath
Pieter Performance Space
8pm - 10pm
The Dark Ambient Sound Bath is a unique experience. Our focus here, like most sound baths, is healing, however, our methods are different. A sound bath is an improvisational concert of sound and vibration geared toward healing and relaxation of the participant utilizing gongs, chimes and crystal bowls. Most sound bath experiences are centered around love and light. While those can be helpful and useful, We found a deficit in the recognition of our shadow selves. This is about balance. This is a safe place for your primal self to be honored and expressed. The theme for this experience is ENTROPY. We will be guiding a meditation and breath work technique to tap into an altered mindset. You will then be bathed in sounds of dark ambient music by live electronic musicians to inspire your own unique journey. You may experience an emotional response, visions, or bodily impulses. Live musicians are Adam Thompson and Skye X Meditation and breath work guided by Lauren Davis