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FRI 12/15

KCHUNG Radio Pledge Drive
ONLINE/1630am Chinatown
welcome to kchung’s first annual pledge drive! donate now to keep us running!!! KCHUNG is a freeform radio station in the Chinatown neighborhood of Los Angeles as KChung Radio 1630 AM. KCHUNG broadcasts over 200 shows a month on 1630 AM and online through the station's website. Numerous pledge awards, including: live drum solos, music for porn films, paintings of hotdogs from Ikea, artwork, custom essays, bottle openers, cassettes.

SAT 12/16

Darling Agenda: That Idol In A Box
8:30pm - 9:30pm
DARLING AGENDA, THAT IDOL IN A BOX is a new solo performance by Tora Kim deconstructing the journey of a war veteran trapped inside a kaleidoscope. Using video, music, storytelling and ritual as a container, the performance functions as an exorcism with an Escape-Room imperative, asking the question: “How do we reclaim our agency in an unpredictable world where external oppression has long since been internalized?”

Mid-City Angels
Shoot The Lobster
12pm - 8pm
Kwak and Savitsky will create sculptural assemblages that reimagine new bodies from destroying and re-combining sculptures and objects from previous performances during Savitsky's residency.Directly following, there will be an after party with drinks and light (light) fare until 8.

SUN 12/17

A.K. Burns: A Smeary Spot (closes)
Human Resources
12pm - 6pm
This 53-minute 4-channel video installation is the opening episode of a five-part cycle of multi-media works entitled Negative Space (2012-ongoing) that draws on science fiction, theater, philosophy, and quantum theory. Setting up a parallel cosmology, A Smeary Spot invites a dialogue between ecological fragility, marginalized bodies, and their relationship to resources. A Smeary Spot explores the metaphorical ‘sun’ as a manifestation of power, a source of both life and death and around which the other episodes (in Negative Space) circulate. The title, is borrowed from feminist sci-fi writer Johanna Russ’s book We Who Are About To.... The sun–– “that smeary spot” –– is a dense concentration of heat and light, an organizing principle of time, place and ego. What potential emerges when we glance away from the source and settle into the blurry residue of its afterimage? With political urgency, the work reorients viewers in a ‘speculative present,’ by which we are invited to imagine an alternative future.

Norberto Rodriguez: the bed you made. (Closing)
Bed and Breakfast
12pm - 3pm
Bed & Breakfast presents the first exhibition in its new Los Angeles home, The bed you made by Norberto Rodriguez. For this project, the artist has removed all existing furniture from the bedroom space traditionally shared by the couple and has replaced it with two intentionally isolated resting places, built to the size and scale of the hosts’ bodies. The couple and guests will sleep in the installation for the duration of the exhibition. Rodriguez will provide a bedtime story reading to any participating members of the public, as well as a documented tour and discussion in The Waiting Room, located across the street from B&B, which will be hosting an exhibition of related objects and artifacts created by the late Bert Rodriguez.