Cybersecurity for Modern Hellscapes: How to Resist a Trumpling
Machine Project
8pm - 10pm
Join the LA Cryptoparty Crew for an evening on the basics of cybersecurity under current world order. We’ll discuss how to secure and encrypt emails, phone calls, and text messages, through easy to use, trustworthy software like Signal messenger and GPG Tools. We’ll discuss anonymous internet browsing options like the Tor Browser and tour you through some relevant dark web services you can use to securely leak documents, anonymously transfer money, and more. Finally we’ll discuss some next levels of anonymity for those who voluntarily or otherwise may be exposed to greater levels of risk. Crypto-knowledgable people will be around to answer questions and discuss ways that the tech-savvy can harness their powers for the greater good. Free beer!

Video Consortium
Echo Park Film Center
Join Video Consortium for a night of non-fiction short media and filmmaker Q&As! Video Consortium is a cohort of non-fiction filmmakers in NYC and LA bridging the gap between the old-guard of documentary film and the current wave of digital non-fiction new media. The goal of Video Consortium is to build community, support the rights and wages of its filmmakers, and elevate short digital works by screening them publicly. Join us!

The Music of Mark Trayle
$20 / $10 students
The superbly imaginative, sonically expansive work of composer and sound artist Mark Trayle (1955–2015) is the subject of this tribute by friends, colleagues and former students in The Hub and Bitpanic. Co-founded by Trayle in 1986, The Hub emerged out of the Mills College scene to become the most influential improvising electronic ensemble since Musica Elettronica Viva (MEV). Known for using networked electronic and digital systems of its own devising, the Bay Area group currently consists of John Bischoff, Chris Brown, Tim Perkis, Scot Gresham-Lancaster, Phil Stone and Matt Ingalls. Adding to the computer music lineage pioneered by The Hub is the recently formed collective Bitpanic. Based in Los Angeles, it comprises Casey Anderson, Scott Cazan, Clay Chaplin, David Paha and Stephanie Smith—all one-time students of Trayle at CalArts.


Gloria Steinem and Jill Soloway: In Conversation
UCLA Royce Hall
$29 / $25 faculty / $15 students
CAP UCLA presents Gloria Steinem and Jill Soloway, two extraordinary people who have devoted themselves to changing despair into hope, sit down for an intimate conversation in Royce Hall. Gloria Steinem is a writer, lecturer, political activist, and feminist organizer. She travels in this and other countries as an organizer and lecturer and is a frequent media spokeswoman on issues of equality. She is particularly interested in the shared origins of sex and race caste systems, gender roles and child abuse as roots of violence, non-violent conflict resolution, the cultures of indigenous peoples, and organizing across boundaries for peace and justice. Jill Soloway is the creator of Transparent, which has won two Golden Globes and eight Emmys, including two for her directing. Jill founded Topple Productions in 2015. She co-created and directs the new series I Love Dick, adapted from Chris Kraus’s critically acclaimed novel of the same title. She co-founded the online channel Wifey.TV with Rebecca Odes which is a website designed to give women access to smart, humorous, topical video content online. Her first feature, Afternoon Delight, won the 2013 Directing Award at Sundance. Outside of the world of TV and film, Jill co-created theatrical experiences The Real Live Brady Bunch, The Miss Vagina Pageant, Hollywood Hellhouse and Sit and Spin and co-founded community organization East Side Jews. She is the author of the memoir Tiny Ladies in Shiny Pants and the upcoming memoir Would You Still Love Me If.