Hi, I am performing with Cambell Watson as part of Expanded Cinema The Basic Premise in Ojai Saturday night! And without further ado, LA art, etc events...


Monster Manual: Original D&D Monsters Group Show
Secret Headquarters
7pm - 9pm
A Group Show Of Original Dungeons & Dragons Monsters. All new D&D inspired monsters, curated by Jon Vermilyea and featuring an insane line up of amazing artists: Alex Schubert, Andy Ristano, Ben Marra, Brian Chippendale, Casey Alexander, Erin Althea, Jenn Woodall, Jenny Goldberg, Jesse Balmer, Jesse Moynihan, Jhonnen Vasquez, Johnny Ryan, Jon Vermilyea, Jordan Crane, Kali Fontecchio, Koren Shadmi, Levon Jihanian, Lizz Hickey, Malachi Ward, Mark Ingram, Matt Furie, Meghan Tryon, Michelle Xin, Mike Bertino, Nick Edwards, Nicolette Wood, Pen Ward, Skinner, Trevor Henderson and more! Don’t miss out!

These Things Take Time w/ Cromie, B. Hayes, Force Placement
rec center
10pm - 4am
$5 / $10
Cromie (Amadeus, These Things Take Time / LA) B. Hayes (These Things Take Time / Philly) Force Placement (Vanity Press, Black Lodge / LA) TTTT turns 1 this January and we are excited to host some of our favorites in the LA area. Cromie who is set in with TTTT for their fourth release in early '18, has released consistent discs with some west coast favorites - Amadeus and 100% Silk. FP runs the elusive monthly Black Lodge parties in LA that just released a blazing 12" under sub label, Slaying Medusa. The Black Lodge resident also recently released on quality Detroit based imprint Vanity Press. B. Hayes set to release a split EP with DJ Dre on These Things Take Time next month. Gay Felony on visuals all nite


Carmina Escobar: FIESTA PERPETUA!
Echo Park Lake (for REDCAT && PSTF LA/LA
1pm - 5pm
Floating rafts on picturesque Echo Park Lake become mobile stages for FIESTA PERPETUA!, a community ritual of manifestation led and conceived by acclaimed experimental Mexican vocalist Carmina Escobar with the 40-member Oaxacan youth brass band Maqueos Music, conducted by Yulissa Maqueos, and celebrated dancer/choreographer Oguri. Throughout the afternoon, performance interventions take place on and around the lake, following a mystical algorithmic schedule until sundown. Originally commissioned by Machine Project, Escobar’s ritualistic performance re-imagines a processional festival as a communal experience that reveals the syncretic, cross-cultural nature of LA.

Matters of Time
UC Irvine - Contemporary Arts Center Gallery
2pm - 5pm
What can time heal? What can only time tell? Matters of Time positions the group exhibition form as a locus to challenge conventional concepts of time as a linear progression. This exhibition will feature artwork that materializes the durational in a way that does not render a moment, but translates a semblance of time, an image that evokes a sensorial response activating an awareness of shifting conditions. Moments are suspended rather than depicted, moving us to consider wider contexts of before, after, and consequences. The artworks, which span multiple generations of artists, approach modes of forgetting, entropy, and history from a variety of different vantage points. To examine these interludes and markers of memory the exhibition takes a tripartite approach to situating strategies in temporality: [1] the event revisited [2] the image re-ordered [3] the enduring archive.

Machine Project Print Sale and Wrap Party!
Machine Project
2pm - 9pm
Everything has a natural lifespan—crickets, planets, sitcoms, and even art spaces. And so it is with both pride and sweet melancholy that we announce the closing of Machine Project. After fifteen years of experimentation, delirium, and joy, we have finally completed our longest piece: the project of Machine Project. To celebrate the times we’ve shared jumping out of windows, napping joyfully, and frying the unfryable, please join us for one last event at Machine! Our print sale will be from 2-6pm, including our entire catalog of limited edition artist prints, followed by a closing party that will be filled with beer and special surprise performances. Mostly, though, it’s one last chance to get together and marvel at how in the world we got away with doing this stuff for so long.


Center for the Arts Eagle Rock
1 - 4pm
Come out and make some noise! soundShoppe is a FREE monthly sound workshop/noise jam session for experimental musicians and sound artists, presented by SASSAS and Center for the Arts Eagle Rock. Experienced musicians to novices, all are welcome. The sessions are led by
 LAFMS co-founder Joe Potts. RSVP requested. soundShoppe offers a means by which sound artists can hangout on a regular basis and informally explore their medium together. soundShoppe offers experienced sound musicians an opportunity experiment with different instrumentations and approaches and play outside of their comfort zone. soundShoppe also presents the opportunity for novice sound artists to interact with more experienced ones.

music from Armenia and its neighboring cultures.
The Museum Of Jurassic Technology
7:30 & 9:30pm
This quintet was formed in 2017 by young musicians in Los Angeles focusing on the repertoire of Armenia and its neighboring cultures, playing folk instruments characteristic of the region. The evening will consist of a program featuring a Persian piece as well as Armenian folk, ashugh (bardic music from Armenia), and sacred music.