Hey, LA ART SHOW is this weekend. Check it out if you're interested. But you'll see my normal mix of DIY and free art, music, dance, etc events below. Cheers, LT

THR 1/12

Decentralizing The Web: Screening 002 - Lumapit Sa Akin, Paraiso
UCLA Broad Arts Center, EDA
DECENTRALIZING THE WEB presents a screening of LUMAPIT SA AKIN, PARAISO + artist talk on female domestic labor, gendered migration, and science fiction featuring director Stephanie Comilang. Lumapit Sa Akin, Paraiso (Come to Me Paradise) is a science fiction documentary by Stephanie Comilang that uses the backdrop of Hong Kong and the various ways in which the Filipina migrant worker occupies Central on Sundays. The film is narrated from the perspective of Paraiso, a ghost played by a drone who speaks of the isolation from being uprooted and thrown into a new place. Paraiso’s reprieve comes when she is finally able to interact with the women and feel her purpose, which is to transmit their vlogs, photos, and messages back home. During the week she is forced back into isolation and is left in an existential rut.

FRI 1/13

Heav3n x LONG
10pm - 2am
$5 before 11 / $10 after
Nguzunguzu, Secret Guest (Fade To Mind), Long x DJ, and TOOPOOR. LA health-goth'ish clothing crew throwing a DJ party at Union (formely Jewels Catch One), featuring DJ/producers known for blending dance music with factory sounds, dark soundscapes and diverse, radical community.

SAT 1/14

Theaster Gates: But To Be A Poor Race
Regen Projects
6pm - 8pm reception. Conversation between Theaster Gates and curator Hamza Walker Sunday at 2pm
Gates is internationally renowned for his cross-disciplinary practice that spans sculpture, painting, sound, and performance. Featuring all new works, many of which will be created on site, this exhibition marks the artist’s continued investigation into the relationship between visual politics, shamanism, and object making. The title of the exhibition refers to American sociologist and civil rights activist W.E.B. Du Bois’ seminal work The Souls of Black Folk. Comprised of 14 essays that portray the genius and humanity of the Black race, this publication is considered an important work in sociology and African American literary history. Inspired by Du Bois’ sociological studies on the advancements of Black Americans from the time of Emancipation to 1900, the exhibition will feature a series of response paintings in which the statistical data gathered and made visual by Du Bois has been reduced to abstract color fields and geometric motifs. Both an act of homage to Du Bois’ sophisticated Modernism as well as a reference to the history of art, Gates’ paintings give poetic form to the archival. Also on view will be the debut of a new video work entitled Sweet Land of Liberty. Depicting a performance featuring Gates and the experimental music ensemble The Black Monks of Mississippi. Serving as a marking point of artistic and formal reflection, the sculptures, paintings, and video on view in the exhibition present Gates’ recent inquiries into the role of painting, history making, the power of material culture, and the polemics of patriotism.

Bastard Noise/Amps For Christ
The Handbag Factory
probably $5-10 but currently un-listed
Billed as "A celebration of experimental sound, insect warfare and noise for those that hear more..." These bands are famous for being uncategorizable, combining the unlikely influences of mountaintop folk music, post-John Cage composition and noise music. Amps For Christ plays lots of homemade string instruments on homemade amplifiers. BASTARD NOISE, WITCHES OF MALIBU, AMPS FOR CHRIST, PULSATING CYST, CONSCOUS SUMMARY, X-EYES

SUN 1/15

Trajal Harrell: Judson Church Is Ringing in Harlem (Made-to-Measure) / Twenty Looks or Paris Is Burning at the Judson Church
The Hammer Museum
3pm - 4pm (Saturday and Sunday)
(M2M) is a customizable version of the New York–based artist Trajal Harrell’s renowned Twenty Looks or Paris Is Burning at the Judson Church series. In (M2M), Harrell makes a work for three dancers that engages the formalism and minimalism of postmodern dance, especially from the Judson Church period, with the flamboyancy and performativity of voguing.