FRI 7/14

Friday Flights: Molly Surno, Sun Araw, Institute for New Feeling
Getty Museum
6pm - 9pm
FREE (parking costs $10 per car after 3pm)
Friday Flights is a series of interdisciplinary happenings that invites artists and musicians to transform the Getty experience. The Institute for New Feeling will present a site-specific project altering the visitor experience of the Getty Museum. Something between a public and private film screening, an ominous narrative around an impending major weather event will develop throughout the night, with information, images, and sounds circulating among individual technology devices. Sun Araw is the experimental psychedelic musical project of the Los Angeles-based artist Cameron Stallones, who will perform a unique set in the Getty Museum courtyard. Artist Molly Surno presents We of Me, a performance featuring musician Brian Chase of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, wherein 20 men perform a choreographed soundscape using hand-crafted musical hair brushes. The performers, arranged in a circle in the center of the Getty’s Tram Arrival Plaza, will prepare their hair, generating tones from the various textures amplified through the electric brush-instruments. Surno and Chase mix the sound in real time as it is generated. The distortions result in a meditative, repetitive, layered composition.

Figure Of Space
Highways Performance Space
$15 / $20
The fifteenth installment in an ongoing series of new movement-based performance works by emerging and established choreographers, directors and ensembles. Zena Bibler’s “Figure of Space” is the latest episode in a series of improvised dances inspired by the format, structure, and contents of folktales. “Figure of Space” tries to find its place between pantomime and abstraction, between clarity and complexity, between being on and being in. It’s a holographic narration. A yarn that keeps unraveling. A story bravely told before the end was known. New Shoes 15 features works by Zena Bibler (in collaboration with Darrian O’Reilly), Heidi Brewer, Rebecca Green, Amanda Hunt & IV Castellanos, and Julie Turner.

SAT 7/15

Girls Shorts | Outfest Los Angeles LGBT Film Fest
12p - 1:30p
Now—especially now, given the current environment—is the time for all of us to take action and express ourselves. The films in this year’s signature girls’ shorts program reveal the anticipation, tension, and emotional weight alive in that specific moment when we choose to act on our desires. In this beautifully complex, diverse collection, a friendly photo shoot turns sexual, a cake becomes a carrier for liberation, an attraction across the bar is realized, one hot kiss threatens a family makeup—all while the end of the world is looming. Find your passion in these films, and follow it now.

SUN 7/16

Family Flicks: Miracle In Milan
The Hammer Museum
In this Italian neorealist fairy tale, young orphan Totò turns a group of misfits into an inclusive community with the help of an optimistic outlook and a magic dove. When the discovery of oil in the town disrupts their happy existence, they must find a way to regain their freedom. The followup to director Vittorio De Sica’s classic The Bicycle Thief, this whimsical satire won the 1951 Cannes Festival Grand Prize. (1951, dir. Vittorio De Sica, Italian with English subtitles, 100 min.)

Laraaji / Little Tokyo Garden Concerts
Japanese American Cultural & Community Center
4pm / 6pm (second set sold out)
$18 / $20
This concert promises to be an exquisite sound immersion of expansive dimensions. The world renowned innovative zither/harp master, composer, and sound healing presence of Laraaji is joined by collaborative partner, sound healing musician Reiki Master Arji OceAnanda for an evening of celestial sound making. They will transport you on a wave of bliss emphasizing the beauty of the electric open tuned zither/harp, African kalimbas, chimes, ancient wind gongs, ecstatic voice, and so much more in a sound offering from beyond the clouds. Dublab DJ Carlos Niño selecting tunes before and after set.