FRI 7/21

Future Aleppo
Skirball Cultural Center
12pm - 5pm (also, 10am - 5pm Sat and Sun - exhibit through Aug 18)
$7 - $12
an installation about the human capacity for resilience, hope, and perseverance in times of darkness. A four-by-four-foot model, Future Aleppo was created by a young Syrian boy and aspiring architect named Mohammed Qutaish while living through the indiscriminately violent war in Aleppo. Between 2012 and 2015, as he witnessed his beloved city being demolished, Mohammed crafted his vision for the future of Aleppo using paper, wood, colored pencils, and glue. Mohammed not only reconstructed fallen landmarks in Aleppo, like the medieval Citadel and his favorite park, but also created new structures and amenities to improve the war-torn city: gardens, rooftop pools, bridges, roads, solar panels, helicopter pads, and so on. While much of his model was destroyed when Mohammed and his family fled to Turkey, the portion on display serves as a powerful symbol of hope and imagination.

Lights Down Low LA Feat. Dj Stingray+ Secret Guest + Ivan Smagghe
TBA (RSVP for details)
11pm - 5:30am
$12 - 22
(Editor's note: A consistently good party. A non-genre-specific electronic weirdo dance party usually. The 'special guest' is probably a famous DJ whose name can't be listed due to contract obligations.) A very special Lights Down Low featuring SECRET GUEST + DJ Stingray, Ivan Smagghe b2b Dark Entries Records (Josh Cheon), Richie Panic b2b Corey Sizemore

SAT 7/22

Imaginary REAL
6pm - 11pm
Imaginary REAL is a one-night only FREE event exploring mediated perceptions of “reality” in a fun, activity-based setting. From burgeoning VR programming, to personal sculptural interfaces, how do art and technology filter, form, or enlighten what we experience with our senses? What are we hoping for when we seek out a combination of the “virtual” and the “real”? Featuring artists working in a wide range of disciplines, Imaginary REAL is a gallery exhibition and experiment, free and open to the public from 4-10pm on Saturday, August 5th in the heart of LA’s historic Chinatown at Automata.

Show #29: Joel Holmberg
And/Or Gallery
7pm - 9:30pm
For Show #29, Holmberg will present videos, painting, and live abstract films. In the main gallery, a multi-screen display will use computer software to tune into the radio spectrum, granting the viewer the voyeuristic, albeit abstracted, power to survey the industrial geometry of digital signals being broadcast live. Holmberg is drawn to the radio spectrum for its spatial expansiveness and its physical relationship to interconnected devices. On the one hand, these visualizations reveal the omnipresence of radio that surrounds us, but they also offer a false sense of omniscience; they're all-seeing, but they're also indecipherable, unspeakable--a kind of psychic data. Complimenting this display will be a large landscape painting, the source material of which comes from a screenshot from the website for a military defense contractor, the Harris Corporation, which is one of the largest suppliers of police and military radios in the world.

SUN 7/23

Maybe all of us at once
Los Angeles Contemporary Archive
4pm - 6:30pm
This is a reading event. For the 24 hours proceeding this public event, 12 artists-writers will be gathered together inside LACA writing new original pieces. Please come to hear and witness our unprocessed and unrehearsed words.