Discostan with Raafat Boushra and Mohamed Abdelradi + DJ Sphinx!
La Zona Rosa
10pm - 2am
$12/$15 Discostan returns with our favorite Egyptian chaabi musicians playing live!

GX Jupitter-Larsen: Friends About The Polywave
7pm - 11pm
We are so excited and honored to have the legendary and mysterious Los Angeles based Artist GX Jupitter-Larsen as our next ARTIST IN RESIDENCE! "Friends About The Polywave is a multidimensional answer to a hypothetical question. How does one measure one’s community? By the relationships we grow up with? By the names of those we’ve met along the way? What names act as inches in the meter that is your life?"


Go To The Beach

Sarah Rara - Alias
Human Resources
3pm - 6pm (also on view Sunday July 8th 12-6, and Weds-Sun 12-6 through July 15th)
Human Resources presents Alias, an exhibition of new video work by Los Angeles-based artist Sarah Rara. Rara’s multi-disciplinary practice—incuding performance, writing, and video—explores the position of witness within fragile systems. For Alias, Rara focuses on a characteristic distortion of sampled images—Aliasing—where one grid fails to cleanly capture another, and separate entities become indistinguishable. One form ingesting another, a parasite larger than its host: Alias is a story about solar energy, ruined by observation.


Center for the Arts Eagle Rock
1pm - 4pm
soundShoppe is a FREE, monthly, unstructured sound workshop/noise jam for experimental musicians and sound artists presented by SASSAS and Center for the Arts Eagle Rock. All are welcome to join–from experienced musicians to novices. The ongoing sessions are led by Joe Potts, founding member of LAFMS (Los Angeles Free Music Society). We will provide tables and chairs. Bring your own audio cables, power cords, multiple boxes, and amplification. There will be a small PA. soundShoppe offers a means by which sound artists can hangout on a regular basis and informally explore their medium together. soundShoppe offers experienced sound musicians an opportunity experiment with different instrumentations and approaches and play outside of their comfort zone. soundShoppe also presents the opportunity for novice sound artists to interact with more experienced ones.

Kelsey Lu: Little Tokyo Garden Concerts
James Irvine Garden
6pm - 9pm
Born in Charlotte, North Carolina, Kelsey Lu left home at 18 to study cello. Now based in LA, her follow up to 2016’s Church EP, “Shades of Blue” was released on Columbia Records with an astonishing video directed by Vincent Haycock. Lu has contributed to albums from many of her peers including Blood Orange, Kelela, Florence and the Machine, Oneotrixpointnever, Father John Misty and more. Her debut album is due out in the fall of 2018. Dublab DJ Teebs during first hour and between live sets.