FRI 6/23

MicroFest: Partch: Windsong
8:30pm (also held Saturday)
$12 / $20 / $25
The Grammy Award-winning group Partch brings the magic of Harry Partch’s score for the 1958 arthouse film WINDSONG to Los Angeles for the first time. Also: Twelve Intrusions (yes, 12, not 11!), Dark Brother, Sonata Dementia, and, to mark the centennial of Partch’s dear friend Lou Harrison, a performance of Harrison's lyrical Suite for Violoncello & Harp.

SAT 6/24

The Streets Have No Name For Us
Downtown LA
A Series of Walks Led By Maryam Hosseinzadeh, Kristy Lovich, Betsy Melenbrink, and Erin Schneider, Curated by Renée Reizman... Women were not meant to wander. There is no feminized form of “flâneur,” a term that began to embody a specific trope of idler Walter Benjamin shaped in the late 19th century; but if one were to put her French language skills to use, as the writer Lauren Elkin did, she could define the female urbanist as a “flâneuse.” Erin Schneider is an artist from Los Angeles, who likes sharing alternative geographies, histories, and experiences of place.

COOLaxial: A/C Fest
4m - 2am
$10 donation / $5 bbq plate/veggie/carne
COOLaxial benefit festival: Raising funds to install an A/C to make Coaxial more comfortable for everyone in the summer time! Video Screening, Live performances, DJs, BBQ and Spritzers. Videos By: Jesus Rivera, Jonnie Prey, Suzy Poling, Jimbo Easter, Eva Aguila, Cade. DJ Sets by: Debbie Downer, Future Blondes, Jenny Sayaka Nono, CRM. Live performances by Conscious Summary, Jonnie PRey, Dawn Raid, Charmaine's Pepper, PellyVision (Dublab), Loopgoat, Lauren Bousfield, Kid606, Eric Barry Draisin, Andrew Benson, Allegory Chapel Ltd., W. Strangeland, Pedestrian Deposit, Liebestod, Crazy Bitch Separatist, DJs

The Four Fiscal Quarters
Pan Pacific Park (organized by Machine Project)
8pm - 9pm
FREE (RSVP recommended)
Join us for The Four Fiscal Quarters, an anti-capitalist opera that humanizes the cyclical nature of a corporate fiscal year. Following a crisis in the form of a layoff of 35% of a company, four C-Level officers struggle to hold it together. What kind of identity re-calibration, restructuring, and asset management is required to keep the company productive and successful? What unseen forces gave rise to the layoffs and how will the humanity of its workforce be balanced with the need for efficient productivity? Written and Directed by Zut Lorz, Composed by Vasco Cesaretti, Choreographed by Caitlin Adams, Conducted by Linnea Sablosky

SUN 6/25

The Minnow Show! Episode 3: Masks and Animation
The Velaslavasay Panorama
11am - 3pm
$15 - 20
We'll watch a variety of colorfully animated films from local Los Angeles animators. After a variety of animated fun, artist Anna Tanner will lead a workshop on mask making for all creatures. This will be followed by a colorful garden party amongst the outdoor grounds of the Velaslavasay Panorama.

George Michael tribute Skate Night
Moonlight Rollerway
8pm - 11pm
$20 (includes skate rental)
Celebrate the life and music of George Michael with us. Adults 18+ only.