626 Night Market
285 W Huntington Dr. Arcadia
4pm - 1am
The original and largest Asian inspired night market in the U.S., 626 Night Market features 250+ food, merchandise, crafts, arts, games, music, and entertainment attractions in an epic event that appeals to all ages with 80,000+ attendees per event. 626 Night Market aims to unite and empower the community by serving as a platform for showcasing local entrepreneurs, businesses, artists, and talent.

Strawberry Smog & Christine Shields at the Los Angeles Arboretum
LA Arboretum
6pm - 8pm
Music free (park: $4 - $7)
Please join us at this very special location, full of peackocks, botanical splendor, and hazy memories of Fantasy Island. $7 gets you into the park ($4 for kids) for music, wonders of nature, bookmobile, & food trucks.

FeM Synth Lab 1 Year Anniversary Showcase
8pm - 1am
$7 suggested
We're celebrating one year of FeM Synth Lab with a showcase of amazing performances by our talented community. All are welcome! FeM Synth Lab is a femme-centered co-learning space for audio and community synthesis. It’s organized by Natalie Robehmed, Sophia Silva, and kora colasuonno. WITH PERFORMANCES BY: Vanja von Sek, Modesty, Hiroshima Mon Amour, Blujadu, Verboding, Anna Huckabay, Skoddie, Liminals, Hari, Elaine Thap, Jinjabrew, Poor Impulse Width Modulation, Kora & Lucy, Ghorba, & more! DJ Sets by Chandara , Anna Addams

XR Forest
10pm - 4am
XR Forest is an immersive media after hours experience! You are invited to join us for a fun night full of surprises +VR Experiences, Projections, Dancing, Exponential Euphoria~. Featuring DJ sets by Why Be (Berlin), Kelman Duran (Hundebiss), PBDY (Brainfeeder), Helikonia (Intersessions), Umenos (Glyph), Eras (Track Number Records). Visuals by Cloaking, Marjam Oskoui, Lucid Interval, Dynmo, Paul Plastic.


Chinatown Summer Nights
Summer party, food trucks, outdoor cooking, video projections, beer, KCRW DJs.

Photon Oasis N.005; Ambient Rooftop Show at Vertexx!
8pm - 11pm
Photon Oasis will be on the rooftop of @vertexx.losangeles presenting an ambient soundscape set against the landscape of towered Los Angeles. Guiding hearts and minds through this glistening night will be... Pauline Lay, Olive Kimoto, Wooden Funerals, Courtaud and Bobtail. No byob please. Hosted by Photon Oasis, a DIY battery powered pop-up micro venue independently operated by George Tausendberg giving a platform to artists in the Southern California area.*


Anarchist Cinema: Rojava Revolution & Democratic Confedarlism
The Public School Los Angeles
1pm - 4pm
Join us for our third film screening and political education event, as we watch Roza: The Country of Two Rivers and have a discussion on the politics of the Kurdish freedom movement together with Ceko, a Kurdish activist from Rojava. Roza: The Country of Two Rivers is a documentary film made in 2016 by activists in Rojava, in northern Syria. It explores the political system being organized in the midst of the Syrian civil war under the leadership of the Kurdish freedom movement. The film gives glimpses of the system of neighborhood assemblies being created to manage society, the movement for women's liberation, the creation of a cooperative economy, the democratic cooperation between different ethnic and religious groups, and the military front.

The Future Left Reading Group: Xenofeminism
2pm - 5pm
The Future Left is proud to announce that our next reading group will take place at NAVEL, a space that celebrates an awareness for the need for “collective autonomy.” This discussion will be facilitated by two artists Olivia Leiter and CADE (author of the Xenomaskuline Manifesto). We will be reading a text that is a queer-feminist intervention to political conversations including accelerationism and how our bodies are shaped by technology, media, alienation, and the future .

Weirdo Night with Dynasty Handbag + Frens!
Weirdo Night with DYNASTY HANDBAG and Christina Catherine Martinez, Miss Barbie-Q and more! Plus Dance-Y-Oke! Miss Barbie-Q. Actor, Producer, Director, Dancer, Singer, Poet, Writer, Club Legend, Radio/Event Host, Performance Artist Miss Barbie Q has been doing entertainment for over two decades. Christina Catherine Martinez is a writer and comedian from Los Angeles, CA. Her act has been described by the Comedy Bureau as “an effortless blend of stand up, performance art, and clowning.” Dance-Y-Oke is a live dance karaoke experience wherin peoples dance along with specially selected music dance heavy music videos.