Show and Tell With Adam Curtis
Cinefamily Show & Tell invites artists, filmmakers, musicians and other cultural heroes to divulge their deepest, darkest media obsessions by opening their closets, digging through their attics and plundering their garages to curate an evening of… whatever they want to share! This edition features award-winning documentary filmmaker and journalist Adam Curtis. Curtis works for BBC television in London and is known for his masterful manipulation of found footage.

Burn My Shadow: A Selective Memory Of An X-Rated Life
Stories LA 7:30pm FREE * Tyler Knight is an adult film star who has starred in over 300 films. In 2009 he won the Good For Her Feminist Porn Award, as Heartthrob of the Year. He has been nominated for eighteen AVN awards and has won three. He lives in Los Angeles. Burn My Shadow follows the porn career of Tyler Knight, a black porn star who stars mainly in porn for couples. A star that breaks all stereotypes and barriers, Knight's story is one of race and sexuality that pushes the boundaries of what is thought of porn and porn stars. Tyler Knight is a one of a kind star, and this is his story.*


Jane the Baptist closing event
Five Car Garage
3:30pm - 5pm
JANE THE BAPTIST in never seen before anaglyph 3D. Guided meditation by Jesse Fleming. Quadrophonic musical performance by Miguel De Pedro (Kid 606) record release for limited edition Jane the Baptist original music on square image vinyl from Miguel De Pedro (Kid 606) and Tiger Beat 6 records. RSVP to info@emmagrayhq.com

Shagha Ariannia: Who Sings the Nation-State?
Vincent Price Art Museum
4pm - 6pm
As a post 9/11 Iranian immigrant to the United States, Los Angeles-based artist Shagha Ariannia explores the complex landscape of nationhood through questions of citizenship, national identity, and the fantasy of immigration in the exhibition Who Sings the Nation-State? Borrowing its title from a 2007 book by seminal feminist and cultural studies theorists Judith Butler and Gayatri Spivak, Ariannia responds to related themes of language, politics and belonging through drawings, paintings and a video, itself part performance and part storytelling.

Equinox Gala w/ Shiir, Yek Koo & Elle Mehrmand, video by Sadaf H Nava
7:30pm - 12am
$10 performances / $25 includes meal suggested donation
Celebrate Nowruz at Coaxial Art's Equinox Gala with food and live performances by Shiir, Yek Koo, Elle Mehrmand, video by Sadaf H Nava, and special Rare Persian cassettes DJ set by Hajii Firuz. Dinner prepared by Andrew McKenzie with the help of Myra Dingley and Jim Merson. Sanaz Gangei performs through an ever-evolving project called Shiir. Using visual instruments such as sifting milk. Elle Mehrmand is a new media performance artist and musician who emphasizes the body, video, sound, and electronics within her installations. Yek Koo is the solo project of visual and performing artist Helga Fassonaki (half of free psych duo Metal Rouge), often appearing in a ragged stripped-down cloak of distorted guitar, wailing vocals, pocket trumpet, cassette loops, and body movements. This is a fundraiser event to help Coaxial with overhead cost. All the proceeds will continue the support of artists using the space to create new work.


2017 Marathon Crash Ride
Tang's Donut
4am - 7am (Ride rolls out at 5am)
Wolfpack Hustle hosts this pre-dawn pre-LA Marathon ride across the city CAR-FREE. Meet at Tang's Donut on Sunset and be prepared to be able to ride up to 26 miles of LA, car-free (this 'official' route is 17 miles). In past years the ride was illegal and unsanctioned; this year the ride has been 'acknowledged' by the city but not condoned. Total riding time expected to be an hour and a half. At least 1500 bikers expected. There are numerous meetup feeder rides around the city if you want a pre-ride-ride with other bikers to get there from your neighborhood. Check the FB page.