Visible Cloaks
$12 / $15
Visible Cloaks: Oregon-based duo of Spencer Doran and Ryan Carlile are the open-source musical entity known as Visible Cloaks, whose debut album Reassemblage and affiliated mini-album Lex both beamed to the world via RVNG last year. Post-Geography Nick Malkin, the man behind Post-Geography, specialises in ambient and atmospheric soundscapes, and his issued cassette releases from Japanese selector 食品まつりa.k.a FOODMAN as well as Osaka-based producer, Metome. Jonny Mons A "consistently inconsistent" LA-based DJ with a flair for sun-tinged new wave, poolside dance and rare gems.

They Live: Midnight screening
Nuart Theatre
John Carpenter's THEY LIVE, 1 night only. SPOILER ALERT: Drifter "John Nada" finds construction work in Los Angeles and befriends fellow construction worker Frank Armitage, who leads him to a local shantytown soup kitchen. There, Nada encounters strange activity around the church: a blind preacher loudly chastising others to wake up, a police helicopter hovers overhead, and a drifter complains that his TV signal is continually interrupted by a man warning everyone about those in power. Nada discovers the nearby church is a front. The choir heard outside is an audio recording and the building is filled with scientific equipment and cardboard boxes. Nada finds a box hidden in the wall and finds it filled with sunglasses. Later he takes a pair and discovers the sunglasses have unique properties: they allow him to see that media and advertising hide omnipresent subliminal commands to obey, consume, reproduce, and conform. They also make clear that many people in positions of wealth and power are actually humanoid aliens with grotesque faces.


Workshop: Sound Speeds! Recording Great Audio
Echo Park Film Center
12pm - 4pm
$60 / $48
Want to make your next movie sound great? This workshop will go over basics of recording sound on set and in the field, covering types of microphones, techniques, placement, mixers, recorders and more. Participants will get hands on experience with all levels of equipment, guided by a professional sound mixer. This is part 1 of a 2 part workshop on sound for movies. Attendees are encouraged to take both days, but not required. Part 2 is offered on Sunday, March 5 and will focus on Post Production Sound Mixing and Cleaning.

Kcymaerxthaere Book Event at Arcana Books
Arcana Books on the Arts
4pm - 6pm
From Hyperallergic: Eames Demetrios documents his elaborate parallel universe, Kcymaerxthaere, which currently has 133 historical markers in 27 countries across six continents. Artist, writer, and “geographer-at-large” Eames Demetrios has been exploring significant cultural sites around the globe for over a decade, from the Krblin Jihn Kabin in Joshua Tree, to the Crystals of Refrain in Armenia and Paglalagay ng Mensahe sa Buwan (The Way to the Moon) in the Phillipines. If you’re not familiar with these sites, you’re not alone. They belong not to our world, but to Kcymaerxthaere (pronounced “Ky-mair-icks-theer”), a parallel universe created by Demetrios which has its own elaborate mythologies, stories, artifacts, and most impressively, historical markers, of which there are currently 133 in 27 countries across six continents. These range from conventional bronze plaques to more ambitious examples of public art like stone monuments, sited in barren stretches of wilderness, populated city centers, or even underwater. Located very much in the physical realm, they conjure up a fantastical world that bears similarities to our own, but is entirely fabricated, encouraging us to see our world through fresh eyes.

Erika Bell, Iris Sidikman and Laura Steenberge
Coaxial Arts
8pm - 11pm
Laura Steenberge will be performing “Ritual for Harmonica”, a piece for voice, harmonicas and resonant containers. Steenberge is a performer and composer in Los Angeles who researches language, the voice, mythology and acoustics. Erika Bell will be debuting “1–“, a companion piece to her former composition “2+”; each is comprised of: voice, electronics, guitar, cello, and contrabass. Bell is a Los Angeles based composer with a refreshing adherence to intuition, preference, and the personal; the result is often spacious, textural, and melancholy. Iris Sidikman is an experimental musician and installation artist. Her works encompass everything from freely improvised cello playing to performance and installation art, and address issues of community, grief, trauma and personal narrative. She is currently an MFA student in Experimental Sound Practices at California Institute of the Arts.


Glitch City Strawberry Jam
Glitch City LA
12:30pm - 6:30pm
Strawberry Jam is a meetup to get stuff done in a group atmosphere among other devs and artists. Tired of working alone on your projects? Need some creative energy to zap into your process? Need some feedback? This is your chance! Please RSVP for a spot. We have limited seats available! We'll be accepting payment ($10) at the event. Bring your tools of choice (probably a laptop and a water bottle). Keep it light. We won't have enough space for things like roomscale VR, but single seat setups are OK. We'll start it off with a meet and greet at 12:30pm. There'll be some light refreshments, but getting lunch before hand is highly suggested. We'll then segue into working. Light chatting is fine, but Strawberry Jam is a work time and not just for hanging out. Afterwards there'll be an optional show and tell.

Cat-tivism: Adoptions, cat history, cat psychic, comedy and more
Stories Books and Cafe
6pm - 10pm
Stories Books & Cafe is proud to purrrrsent a free night of cat-centric entertainment benefiting Eastside LA’s Luxe Paws Cat Rescue. Festivities include music by Nana The Cat Lady (as seen on The Gong Show), Psychic Pet Readings by Shana Leilani, the amazing but true stories of “History’s Greatest Feline Heroes," in a lecture by Dr. Paul Koudounaris, in which he shares tails of history’s most heroic felines! Check back for additions to the bill. There will also be a silent auction featuring original artwork by local cat-loving artists and gift certificates from neighborhood establishments. Come meet some loving cats and join us at 6pm Sunday, March 4th, 2018 at Stories Books & Cafe to celebrate and support local animal rescue.