FRI 3/3

Next Art x Mophonics: Art / Tech / Music
Playa Studios
7:30p - 12am
$15 advance / $20 door
Experience a night of art and creative technology. Installations / Demos. Thumper by DROOL, something by ecco screen, extinct.systems by Marpi, Pickup Lines by Electric Church, Formosa by Red Pill VR , Total Space Jam by FLOAT x KRON. Reinterpreting Radio Music - Part II: Internet Music by Eric Parren.

SAT 3/4

Burea of Feminism: Telethon
The Hammer Museum
3pm - 4pm
The Bureau of Feminism reaches out and touches someone today with Telethon. A logical progression from avant- and/or prankish '60s art actions, it's a performance staged for a live audience — a performance during which the Bureau calls people randomly and poses various questions about feminism. The ring tones, the dial tones and the overtones of confusion, surprise and hostility — they're all here, coming at you in a big, flaming ball that's actually a larger statement about feminism and the kaleidoscopic uncertainty about its significance by the public at large and down the line.

The Films of Guy Debord
Olivier Assayas was 13 in May ‘68. Growing up in the Paris of the 70s and precociously political, he was absorbed in the work of writer, filmmaker, and founding member of the Situationist International Guy Debord (notably, of La société du spectacle fame). Assayas presents two underrated and underseen films by Guy Debord: Critique de la separation and In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni.

The Black Lodge: 2YR Anniversary
The Black Lodge/Hyperion
10pm - 3am
Join us as we celebrate 2 years of insanity at The Black Lodge!!!! We are honored to be joined by longtime LA techno stalwarts DROID BEHAVIOR for a special VRV showcase. Truncate <Droid Recordings / Truncate / Modularz / Historia y Violencia / (Editor's note: A good, free techno dance party:)

SUN 3/5

GLOSSOLALIA: A concert by C3LA: Contemporary Choral Collective of Los Angeles
2pm - 5pm (also Saturday at 8pm)
Church of the Angels
$10 advance / $15 door
This concert of new and adventurous choral works explores how language, phonemes, and words function in music. The pieces feature a number of languages including Japanese, Kalinga, and Persian, as well as utilizing nonsense syllables to create stunning textural and sonic effects. Featuring works by member-composers Fahad Siadat, David Harris, Nilo Alcala, and Amy Golden, as well as contemporary composers Abbie Betinis, Austin Wintory, Andrew Hamilton, and Jamie Klenetsky Fay, mezzo-soprano.