Prototype 053: Far Away with Hessle Audio - 6 hour set
Protoype LA
10pm - 4am
Hessle Audio - Ben UFO, Pearson Sound, Pangaea - Six Hour Set


One Night Stand
2025 W 3rd St
7pm - 11pm
A group of emerging architects and artists are coming together for one night to leave their temporary marks of imagination and exuberance upon the visitors of the affair. A One-Night Stand for Art and Architecture, held on May 20th at 2025 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90057, begins at 7:00 p.m. and is free and open to the public. More than 30 of the most up-and-coming local and international artists and architects will position their work inside motel rooms. Desires will be explored, memories will be written, but participants will have one night only to display their work.

40 Hours Of Illegal Labor
Coaxial Arts
7pm - 10pm
Miko Revereza (b.1988 Manila, Philippines) is an experimental filmmaker and illegal alien. Since relocating from Manila as a child, he has lived illegally in the United States for almost 25 years. This life long struggle with documentation and the exclusion it imposes informs his films, writing and social practice. Miko lives in Los Angeles and is currently earning an MFA at Bard College. “I’ve become increasingly aware of the irony behind recording film documents without the possession of living documents.” During his one week residency at Coaxial from May 14th to May 21st , Miko intends to document himself working. He will create new work on video as well as archiving his collection of VHS tapes. Throughout the week Miko will broadcast old VHS experiments, home movies, and found footage as they are being digitized, as well as the progress of new work. The residency will culminate in an installation titled 40 HRS of Illegal Labor. Installation will be open Saturday May 20, 2017 to Sunday May 21, 2017 LINK

The Black Lodge: JTC - Delivery - Dirty Jak - BLR
RSVP for location
11pm - 5am
10presale/? at door
TC (Live) (Bopside/Nation/Creme Organization/Ghostly International/Spectral) DELIVERY(Live) (LA Club Resource/NTS Radio/Smashing Tape Records) DIRTY JAK (Hoe Down Records/Creme Organization/Dust Traxx/Black Lodge)


Animation in the Public Eye
Echo Park Film Center
usually $5
As much as animation generates a flurry of images, so it does a flurry of words. Join us for a showcase of animated discussion as several contemporary animators share their research of varied political topics: Gender and Race at the Happiest Place, Art of the State: Chinese ANimation during the Rised of the People's Republic, Arcane Revenge: Belladonna of Sadness and sexual agency, Ecstatic Elasticity: Does it hurt to be pulled in two directions