It was quite a fiction
Human Resources
7pm - 10pm
It was quite a fiction brings together artists and practitioners to participate in a two-day proposition that involves conversations and material practices. t was quite a fiction brings together artists and practitioners to participate in a two-day proposition that involves conversations and material practices. We find ourselves constantly thinking about the disconnect between our daily experience and the political and institutional structures we are immersed in. How are these two realms of the personal and the political intra-acting? How does history lay the ground of our everyday experience and possibilities, and in what ways does it impregnate the materiality of our work? Can what we do aesthetically, materially, socially, emotionally, intervene with larger agendas that seem unreachable, oftentimes abstract, and weighing over us? These questions, among others, will thread the program. We are interested in thinking about these open-ended questions with the public at Human Resources.


Noon To Midnight: A Day of New Music
Disney Concert Hall
12pm - 11:59pm
Kind of insane! Over a dozen ensembles perform throughout Walt Disney Concert Hall. I went last year. It was great: Noon to Midnight will let you roam the spaces of Walt Disney Concert Hall for a day of pop-up performances featuring L.A.’s top new-music ensembles. Schick Plays Adams • HOCKET • RAGE THORMBONES • LA Signal Lab • Los Angeles Electric 8 • USC Percussion Group • LA Phil's National Composers Intensive wild Up • Photinos & Ray • Red Fish Blue Fish • Jacaranda Music • Soft Structures • gnarwhallaby • Red Fish Blue Fish • SASSAS (The Society for the Activation of Social Space Through Art and Sound) • wild Up • Monday Evening Concerts • Kaleidoscope Chamber Orchestra • the wulf • Ashley Walters

Show #30: Kristin Lucas
And/Or Gallery
7pm - 9:30pm
For Show #30, Lucas will create an immersive, mediated environment of electronic and computational works that express her intense fascination with flamingos and her deep concerns about climate change. Also on view will be video works from Lucas' Sole Soaker and Sick Waves series, both of which capture the unease and turmoil created by rising sea levels. By using moving images and video game play to induce nausea and disorientation, Lucas' works impel the viewer to feel the physical illness of the Earth and the widespread upheavals climate change has already created.


Family Flicks Film Series: Babe
The Hammer Museum
BABE! After the shy piglet Babe is won by farmer Arthur Hoggett at the county fair, he is adopted by the farmer’s border collie Fly and discovers he can be anything he wants to be—even an award-winning sheepdog! Surrounded by a colorful cast of barnyard friends, Babe fights to find his place in the world and avoid the dreaded "Pig Paradise" at all costs. With gorgeous settings and whimsical performances, this heroic pig’s adventure is an inventive film for the whole family.

4pm - 7pm
NAVEL presents “Overburden,” an exhibition of new work by Symrin Chawla and David Ertel. Sculptures of reclaimed subsoil, automotive pigments slated for use in 2018, and California Sea Slug extract weave together the material consequences of natural resource extraction. All works are produced using unwanted overburden sourced from Los Angeles. Tomorrow’s Liquid Gold uses overburden from a construction site in Central Los Angeles. In a reinterpretation of traditional mud dying techniques, mud is spread over fabric and cracks as it dries in the sun. Phycoerythrin and chlorella powder are poured into the crevices to pigment the fabric below. Phycoerythrin is a red-fluorescent chemical found both in the ink of the California Sea Slug as well as the red algae it eats. Both species have seen a population explosion on the California coastline due to the dumping of phosphate-rich waste. Chlorella is a green algae that is used to digest toxic heavy metals in mine tailings. The resulting fabric is peeled from the mud.