Not Our President: Los Angeles Shutdown
Pershing Square 8pm - 11pm
We are calling for an action in protest of the recent election of Donald trump. We will not be complacent while oppressive and anachronistic discourse is reaffirmed and propagated. We are organizing this because we feel unsafe and seek to enact change. Do you feel unsafe? Show up, bring friends


United Against Hate: March in Los Angeles Against Trump
MacArthur Park
Union del Barrio is calling on ALL organizations and individuals that stand against injustice, against racism, against imperialist war, against fascism, against sexism to JOIN TOGETHER to march to show Trump that LA will not allow his racist/fascist attacks on the working class! Our central message at this action is for us to educate and ORGANIZE in our communities and to prepare for self-defense because we know that Trump's attacks are coming! There will be MANY organizations present at this action and we call on ALL of you to join an organization so you can help to advance the movement against the fascist Trump administration.

Lara Schnitger: Suffragette City
The Hammer Museum
12pm - 2:30pm (additional day: SUNDAY 1pm - 5pm. See info for full schedule)
Inspired by a tradition of artists’ street performance and protest marches, Lara Schnitger presents Suffragette City, a procession through Westwood of sculptures that comprise images, forms, and texts explicitly addressing women’s rights. The procession returns to a courtyard convening enlivened by the music of Miya Folick. On Sunday, Schnitger further explores feminist speech by inviting filmmaker Kerri Koch to share her work, Don’t Need You: A Herstory of Riot Grrrl; followed by a screening of Inez Milholland: Forward Into Light, a short film by Martha Wheelock on the preeminent suffragette; and a talk on contemporary witchcraft and closing ceremony by Amanda Yates Garcia, the Oracle of Los Angeles.


DIY Art School Women's Center For Creative Work
$25 members/$30 non-members
The DIY Art School program is interested in a radical shift from contemporary education that currently exists, one that funnels creators, activists, educators, thinkers and/or artists through higher education programs leaving them in debt and with little resources to feel supported in creatively expressing themselves. Our programs seek to provide support and understanding of a creative process that comes from within and is generative in its approach. To us, this is a radical shift. We believe radical education and creative process is aligned with intuitive process and community love. This program will explore the mission, goals, and teachings of the DIY Art School program. Participants will also find what their own DIY Art School path is. DIY Education is Sarita Dougherty, David Whitaker of DIY PhD and Rebekah Erev of DIY Art School Bay Area.