FRI 10/24

Johanna Breiding and John Hulsey
Los Angeles Contemporary Archive
7pm - 10pm
Approached as a dialogue between the artists’ video installation and photograph within the archive/exhibition space, break down, re source presents two research-based practitioners rooted in experimental documentary filmmaking and photography. The two artists investigate possessions of land and its material evidence - markers, language, historical narratives - embedded within their respective spaces of inquiry.The Land Under Iron addresses the enduring legacy of colonialism and settlement in the American West. Borrowing the visual language of highway signs that orient the flow of traffic around road closures and construction zones, these works redirect passersby along an alternate axis of experience. End of the Line addresses memory, entropy and the death of analogue photography via the historical and environmental significance of small town Keeler, California. The story of Keeler draws uncanny parallels to the death of analogue film and the photographic print.

SAT 10/25

Artists Against Armaments
C. Nichols Project
12pm - 8pm (opens)
Artists Against Armaments: Jeremy Blake, Jenny Holzer, Maynard Monrow, George Stoll, with automatic capabilities have killed upwards of 1600 people and wounded thousands more during mass shootings since the horrible occasion of the Sandy Hook murder of 26 in 2012. Advance five years later and it does not seem as though we are making any progress towards a solution to this madly upward-spiraling trend. As of November 2017, over 33,000 are dead and over 81,000 seriously wounded. It is in this current atmosphere, that C. Nichols Projects presents Artists Against Armaments, pieces from five artists dissecting the American phenomenon of violence using automatic weapons.

Actually's Pop Funeral at Moroccan Lounge
Moroccan Lounge
8pm - 2am

Soft Power: Tensnake
Location TBC
11pm - 5:30am
$15 - 20
Soft Power is a proper dance event that continues to enforce a strict prohibition on assholes and bigots. We embrace blurred gender lines and eschew societal norms; if you can too, then come dressed to impress and get your life. If you can't, stay home. XOXO. Tensnake needs little introduction. His recent time spent in the studio marks the end of an extended period following the releases of his breakout single, Coma Cat, and his seminal album, Glow. LA's own Alison Swing makes a triumphant, if temporary, return home from her time in Berlin. Soft Power's own softy Steve Miller kicks the night off with newest resident duo Zusammen, aka power-couple Deirdre Coleman & Matt Black.

SUN 10/26

F.L.O.W. Library
Women's Center For Creative Work
10am - 1pm
The WCCW houses the main branch of the Feminist Library on Wheels, or F.L.O.W., a multimedia collection of feminist texts, artifacts and ephemera available to as diverse an audience in the Los Angeles area as possible, by bicycle. F.L.O.W is directed by Dawn Finely and Jenn Witte. The library is open to the public and anyone can get a library card! Jenn is in residence every Wednesday from 3–6pm, and Dawn is in residence Sundays, 10am-1pm. Come say hi!

Relationship as Material: Meghan Gordon and Amanda Martin Katz
3307 W Washington
3pm - 5pm
For the closing of Meghan Gordon's BOOKSHELVES residency at 3307 W Washington Blvd, join us on Sunday, November 26th for the conversation: Relationship as Material: Meghan Gordon and Amanda Martin Katz discuss their collaborative social practices Moderated by Alexandra Grant Light refreshments provided --- Gordon and Katz co-authored an artwork currently installed at the entrance to 3307 W Washington Blvd, titled through hosting we know that guesting is also work (2017). Its materials are listed as "neon sign, contract, a relationship." The phrase, which Gordon wrote and Katz edited graphically, emerged from their ongoing dialogue about agency, labor, and role-play in each of their collaborative social practices. After deciding to fabricate the text as a neon sign, Katz wrote a joint-custody agreement to accompany and preside over the object. Gordon then translated select blacked-out portions of the neon text into new compositions for her sculpture series, "Lights for Collaborating at Night," which comprise her BOOKSHELVES residency installation. This conversation, moderated by Alexandra Grant, will explore the faceted negotiations we make when working and sharing authorship with others, as well as how the intersection of practices --namely, "a relationship" -- ultimately forms a non-quantifiable support structure in its own right.