FRI 10/27

America's Largest Community Bicycle Ride - Critical Mass - Halloween Edition
Ride starts at Wilshire and Western
6:30pm meeting / 7:30pm roll-out
Yes, it’s Halloween time so cobble together a costume, climb onto your bike, and roll with us through the streets. To attend, levitate over to the start point of the ride at Wilshire Blvd and Western Ave, Los Angeles, California at 6:30pm, and the ride rolls at 7:29pm. As usual, there will be at least two rest stops along the way, with snacks, and drinks available at Support Vehicles and then we will ride to the usual end point of the ride at Sunset Blvd and Western Ave, Los Angeles, California 90027. Invite your friends and family. Spread the word so others can also ride together with us. Nearly four thousand cyclists choose to ride together, meet others and make new friends while discovering the greater Los Angeles area. The rides celebrate bicycling and encourage cycling as a leisure activity, as a sport or as a means of transportation.

Derek Paul Jack Boyle: Unease
7pm - 10pm
SMART OBJECTS presents Unease, a solo exhibition of new work by Derek Paul Jack Boyle.

Gabie Strong, Ted Byrnes, Kozue Matsumoto, Caspar Sonnet
(the) Handbag Factory
8pm - 11pm
(duet) Gabie Strong / Ted Byrnes (trio) Gabie Strong / Kozue Matsumoto / Caspar Sonnet (duet) Kozue Matsumoto / Caspar Sonnet. Gabie Strong is a California artist and musician exploring spatial constructions of degeneration, drone and decay as a means to improvise new arrangements of self-reflexive meaning. Strong uses sound performance, radio broadcasting, environmental installation, photography and video as a mediums for experimentation. Current themes in her work address the use of ritual acts and fetish collecting to expose constructions of feminine being. Kozue Matsumoto Born and raised in Tohoku area in Japan and having lived in Tokyo and Vancouver, Canada as well, Kozue now lives in the Los Angeles, California. She has played koto since she was three years old under Ikuta-ryu Miyagi-kai and holds a semi-master title. She also plays shamisen and shinobue. Primarily self taught, Sonnet has been composing and performing music since 1996. Sonnet’s multi-instrumentalist abilities include: lap steel dobro, mouth organ & percussion.

SAT 10/28

LA Anarchist Book Fair
Leimert Park Plaza
12pm - 6pm (also Sunday)
Please save the date for Saturday, October 28th, and Sunday, October 29th, 2017, for the Seventh Los Angeles Anarchist Bookfair at Leimert Park Village! Please join us as we relaunch this radical space for discussion and organizing. As members of the Book Fair Collective, we believe it is essential to express protest and rebellion against the highly authoritarian capital-State system that by its very nature offers nothing more than endless war, vast social inequality, and utter ecological ruin. We seek to promote solidarity and unity among the various communities in struggle of Los Angeles, Southern California, and the occupied region of the U.S. Southwest. We have two themes for the Book Fair this year: “Red and Black October: Revisiting the ‘Unknown’ Anarchist Revolution of 1917 A Century Later,” and “From the Media to the Streets: Against the Resurgence of the Alt-Right.” Check the link for FULL SCHEDULE of workshops.

Normal performance art dinner party
Collective Arts Incubator
PLEASE JOIN US for a performance art dinner party unraveling the cult of normalcy! This semiformal sit-down dinner party is an opportunity for unique and real local folk to dress up and conform to what modern American considers NORMAL, as conveyed through popular culture and media. During the course of the event, local performance artists will unravel the facade of 'normalcy' while examining the insidious forces that lie behind modern society. Performers are invited to visualize these forces in their own unique way. RSVP required.

Ghoulworld L.A.

Inflatable Pool of Blood Halloween Party
Glitch City
8pm - 1am
This is the official Glitch City Halloween Party. There will be an inflatable pool full of blood. Frequently Asked Questions: Q. Can I go in the inflatable pool full of blood? A. No. Q. How much blood is in the pool? A. It's about 1/3 full. Q. Where did the blood come from? A. We are trying to find out. BYOB / 21+ / Music by Arcane Kids

SUN 10/29

Laundromat Book Club
Pretend Gallery
12pm - 6pm
"Laundromat Book Club" with new functional ceramic work by Shoshi Kanokohata. Pretend Gallery’s washer and dryer set are from Electrolux's Gallery Series. It’s a commercial, heavy duty, super capacity machine with a Sound Silencer Plus and a ¾ horsepower motor. We're not sure if that’s good, but we’ve only needed the belts changed once in four years. The washer has made a loud high pitch screech about half way through its cycle, and again towards the end, ever since. Otherwise it works fine. Bring your laundry. No need to bring quarters. The laundry detergent we use is biodegradable and dye and perfume free. We also use unscented fabric softener sheets. Bring a book you would read at a laundromat. Pretend Gallery is open this year every Sunday from noon to 6pm for a year-long project called "Now Open", an open system art event and store with work by local and international artists. Laundromat Book Club is part of this broader project. It began January 1 and ends December 31st 2017.

Intro to Eco-Processing
Echo Park Film Center
1pm - 6pm
$60 / 75
Learn how to develop your own black and white Super 8 footage in buckets and Lomo tanks using eco-friendly ingredients such as coffee, beer, wine, cola, fruit, flowers and more! All materials provided by Echo Park Film Center. Class size limited to 9 participants. Instructors: Lisa Marr and Chloe Reyes


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