Ism, Ism, Ism: Experimental Cinema in Latin America
7pm, 9pm and other screenings throughout the weekend
$6 - $12
REDCAT is pleased to launch Los Angeles Filmforum's Ism Ism Ism: Experimental Cinema in Latin America, an ambitious, five-month film series —the first in the U.S.—that surveys Latin America’s vibrant experimental production from the 1930s to today. Revisiting classic titles and introducing new works by key figures and emerging artists, Ism, Ism, Ism takes viewers on a journey through a wealth of materials culled from forgotten corners of Latin American film archives. This marathon opening weekend includes a panel with curators and scholars and six film programs: Latin American surrealist shorts, films made in Southern California by Latinas and Latin American women, a solo presentation by veteran Chicano filmmaker Willie Varela, “camera-less” films by artists from several countries, documents of diverse countercultural movements, and revelatory shorts regarding revolutionary icon Che Guevara.

HEMA: Closing Performance
8pm - 11pm
HEMA is a sound and visual environmental installation, exploring the relationship between forces of nature and human psychology. Artist In Residence Shannon Kennedy performs sound compositions with handmade string instruments in a constructed world where instruments and environment blur together. Kennedy uses natural substances such as fire treated wood, water, metal and air to represent elements of the body and mind. The audience is invited to enter and walk through an immersive, metaphysical and sensory web of sound and structure that is metaphoric of aspects of the body and mind.

Prototype 060: Hotflush Recordings - Scuba, Sepalcure, Lando
10pm - 4am
$15 - 25
Hotflush Recordings takes over Lot 613 to showcase three of its label’s most musically diverse artists. Hotflush label founder and veteran DJ, Paul Rose, aka Scuba. Hotflush Recordings’ eclectic representation of genres is largely a reflection of Scuba’s own enigmatic style of music, which has invigorating hints of bass, techno, and more introspective melodies. Sepalcure, made up of the mastermind collaboration between Travis Stewart, under his alias ‘Machinedrum’, and Praveen ‘Praveen & Benoit’ Sharma. The pair has continued to perfect and transform their signature two-step and breakbeat sound.


Beyond Standing Rock
The Autry
2pm - 4pm
$5 - $14 (Free for Autry members)
Join us for a special screening of Beyond Standing Rock, a documentary that shines a spotlight on the Dakota Access pipeline protest and its roots in a 170-year-long conflict between tribes and the U.S. government over independence, land ownership, and control of resources. The film’s breathtaking aerial cinematography and insightful interviews take viewers on a journey across three modern stories of tribal sovereignty in America. A Q&A session follows with Brian Malone, the film’s producer, director, and editor. Tickets for the screening include museum admission.

Jim Haynes • Blood & Conquest • Mortal Bodies • Smokey Emery
8pm - 1am
Jim Haynes (b. 1972) is a California based artist who has developed a vocabulary of decay that he has applied to photography, sculpture, installation, and sound. Blood and Conquest is collaborative project of Micaela Tobin (White Boy Scream) and Shannon Kennedy (Nephila, Pedestrian Deposit) utilizing their strengths in voice, strings and electronics. Mortal Bodies is the duo of Marc Gonya (Granite Mask) and Marfisia Bel (Harmaline), together operating in a sinister post-industrial haze. Analog synths twist and drone alongside staccato thuds and thumps, echoing into the distance under the gauze of Marfisia's monotone vocals. Since the age of 17, Houston-born Daniel Hipólito has been capturing, fragmenting, and reconfiguring his life experiences as Smokey Emery. Hipólito has become a well-established fixture amongst many experimental and electro-acoustic music circles by releasing a myriad of dense ambient works comprised of dismantled field recordings, reinvented through tape manipulation.


A Reading at the Bronson Caves - #90x90LA
Bat Cave, Bronson Canyon 5pm - 7pm
90X90LA and the Griffith Park Storytelling Series present a reading at the Bronson caves, featuring five amazing local storytellers: Allison Conner Lynell George Siel Ju Daniel Jose Ruiz Oscar Sagastume. Detailed directions to get to the caves can be found in the link.