MOCA Art Book Sale
5pm (continues through Sunday)
MOCA Store at MOCA Grand Avenue will host a weekend-long art book sale with titles at $1, $5, and $10. Find exhibition catalogues, monographs, and rare books to add to your collection. Join us at the preview to get a first look at the selection and stay for music and refreshments.

A Talk With Daddy
8pm - 10pm
Critical Forum: A TALK WITH DADDY A conversation between Lior Shamriz, Elliot Reed and Archie Prakash. Keywords: Daddy self deprecate me; Mind games, Computer games; Artificial Personality, Artificial Intelligence; Laboratories; Cut up my hands, This represents the divide; Turing’s Computing Machinery and Intelligence;


UnSilent Cinema: The Passion of Joan of Arc w/ Julia Holter
FIG at 7th strange corporate plaza
7pm - 10pm
In a two-night production, UnSilent Cinema will take over the outdoor plaza at FIGat7th to showcase classic silent films brought to life by contemporary live scores. Bridging early 20th century film masterpieces to present day contemporary music culture, this year’s UnSilent Cinema is inspired by female-focused music and film. Performers: Julia Holter, Noveller. Screening: The Passion of Joan of Arc. Live score.

Asher Hartman's Sorry, Atlantis: Eden's Achin' Organ Seeks Revenge
Machine Project
8:30pm (Thurs - Sun)
$20 - 40
In a troubled world not unlike our own, two lizard-men tumble from the sky to an abandoned jetty by the sea. Inhabited only by a sad sack cyclops, a satanic bird, and a sexy snail, the jetty becomes a raunchy boys’ room, an Edenic dope yard of pleasure and sick until one day…Daddy’s home. Soon hazy memories of war, incest, and a parricide fracture the minds of gods and animals and the humans cloaked within them. Smelly, crusty, and full of slime, Sorry, Atlantis, Eden’s Achin’ Organ Seeks Revenge is a comedy about childhood wounds, sexual repression, and the lure of power. Come hide your face from human-sized sea monkeys, trained flies, gushing holes, and sundry mindless lewdities. Wear your rain rubbers! Disclaimer: This play is definitely, totally, and absolutely for adults only


An Observer | Performance by Lucky Dragons collective
Edward Cella Gallery
3pm - 4pm
FREE (RSVP encouraged)
Los Angeles-based collaborative Lucky Dragons will create a site-specific performance which takes as its starting point Lawrence and Anna Halprin’s workshop-based approach to creative processes, first developed in the late 1960s. Created in context with Lawrence Halprin: Alternative Scores – Drawing from Life, this new work explores how drawing, performance, notation, and evaluation give tangible form to the immaterial aspects of our environment, and help us to better communicate the patterns of lived experience.


War Remnants: Vietnam Revisited
Hammer Museum
The artist Harrell Fletcher’s exhibition The American War was a photographic re-creation of the entire War Remnants Museum in Ho Chi Minh City, presenting the horrors of the Vietnam War from the Vietnamese government's perspective. The project also included discussions, a website, billboard, and publication. It traveled the United States, Brazil, China, and other countries, and is now part of MoMA’s collection. Fletcher will be joined by Tram Le, associate director of the Viet Stories: Vietnamese American Oral History Project at UC Irvine, to discuss the continuing impact of the war.

No Fun Presents: Solid Eye, Rogue Squares, Faling Lights
Zebulon Café
8pm - 11:59pm
No Fun Productions First LA show. Failing Lights Mike Conelly's solo project. Mike is a member of Hair Police, played in Wolf Eyes for a while and is the man behind the Gods Of Tundra label.Rogue Squares Carlos Giffoni (No Fun Productions) + Elaine Carey (Telecaves) new duo of improvised analog electronic contemplation, we played one show under our own name a few months ago and have been practicing/recording and are ready to officially call this a band and show you what we have been workig on. I usually play a sh-101 and 2 custom synths, while Elaine plays with an arsenal of Synth/Tapes/Lap guitar/small toys/and effects. We can't tell you anything else about our secrets, you'll have to come and see. Solid Eye Legendary experimental music LA trio of Steve Thomsen, Rick Potts & Joseph Hammer. Reuniting for this night